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“We have 3 small children, each with their own mobile device, so we can keep tabs on them. There are so many apps on phones now days its impossible to lock them all down. We love the solution from Evolution Network Designs, all our kids can only go to website categories that we pre approve. No matter if they are in the house or on the go, I know they are protected. I also get reports and can see if they attempt to go to inappropriate sites.”


No longer stressed out about what my kids are doing online

“I have 2 pre teen 2 boys. I have tried locking their devices down but they always seem to get past everything I set up. The service I get from Evolution Network Designs is router based, so there is no getting around the filters I have set up! I can sleep at night knowing they aren't going to pornography sites or other highly unsuitable sites. The setup was easy and it's very affordable.

Thank you!!”


Inexpensive and easy to set up

“My wife and I have looked for an internet filtering product for our kids, but everything was tied to specific vendors or or a specific service like our internet provider. The solution from Evolution Network designs works with our home internet provider, cell provider as well as the wifi in our neighbors house. No matter where my kids are, they are protected.

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